Our Story


Our Mission:

We want to introduce an exciting and sustainable protein source into peoples diets. Plain and Simple.

How It All Began:

Chirpshire Farms was started by Sam Freed and Jared Taylor, our two founders. Long time friends, they got together one day to discuss this unique product. It was something that neither one of them had ever had any experience with. After some thorough research they couldn't have been more excited to get started and in February of 2018 they started New Mexico's first edible insect farm!

"After I learned about eating bugs and attended the Brooklyn Bugs Festival in NYC I couldn't have been more excited to get into the edible insect business. I met many of the industry leaders at the event and moved back to New Mexico two months later to open shop." - Sam Freed

Once they got started they thought that they were going to have a huge barrier to get over. "How do we get people to eat crickets?" To there surprise they had an incredibly positive response!

"I don't know if it's because people have become more open minded and adventurous in general or if they just got infected by our own excitement, but we never really ran into the 'Bug Barrier'! The support from our friends and our community was absolutely amazing and we couldn't be more thankful" - Jared Taylor

Chirpshire Farms's cricket flour is just the beginning. The possibilities for this superfood is endless and CF are developing new products to be added to our line to meet every customers' need, whether you are a baker or a body builder!